How to Take Part in the Campaign:

Step 1: Download the pledge form.
Step 2: Write down the 1 thing that you will commit to this year on the pledge form.
Step 3: Take a picture of yourself holding your pledge.
Step 4: Send your pledge to

The 1 Thing Campaign will run until December 2018. In January 2019, we will connect with some of the pledgers to see if they fulfilled their 1 Thing. Tell us about your journey! We will post follow-up information about the campaign and stories from pledgers in January 2019.

What can I do?


  • As a social, church, or other religious group, gather donations for organizations (men’s shoes, winter coats, blankets, toiletries, or cash)
  • Volunteer your time and skills to programs that build safe, healthy, and inclusive communities for youth
  • Give to charitable organizations that are based in the values and guiding principles of the Plan
  • Learn what it means for youth to be at-risk of homelessness, how to identify it, and what can be done about it
  • Learn about resources available for youth and families and share this information (Manitoba 211)
  • Contact the Mayor and your Councillor to make youth homelessness a priority
  • Sponsor Here & Now’s Youth Research Team (Contact Here & Now’s Youth Engagement Coordinator Cheryl Sobie for more information)


  • School-wide collection of supplies (socks, underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, menstrual products) to donate to shelters and safe spaces
  • If you know a student is couch-surfing, get them in touch with an organization that can help
  • If you think a youth or their family struggling, ask them what they need to thrive
  • Attend trauma-informed approach training
  • Connect parents with access to community-based parenting supports before a crisis happens
  • Integrate life skills and Indigenous teachings into your classrooms
  • Create opportunities for youth to meet with Elders/resource workers/peer mentors to address conflicts within families

Service Providers

  • Collaborate with other youth organizations, sharing what’s worked well
  • Train all staff in LGBT2SQ+ and Indigenous cultural competency
  • Participate in community research related to youth homelessness
  • Ask youth accessing programs what is working for them and what they need
  • Offer culturally appropriate services and programs
  • Create programs that build skills and create community connections for youth and families
  • Lend your voice and influence to support community change
  • Host workshops and cafés for skill-building or community consultations
  • Engage youth in policy and program development
  • Support and create opportunities to share knowledge between other policy-makers, academics, and service providers
  • Attend trauma-informed approach training
  • Promote services and resources offered in easy-to-find locations online, distribute fliers/posters

Health Care Workers

  • If you are treating a youth experiencing homelessness, ask them if they need resources (directions to a shelter or safe space)
  • Connect youth or families with Health Outreach and Community Support Team (HOCS) team to help navigate social services
  • Attend trauma-informed approach training

Private Sector

  • Collaborate with community-based organizations to provide skills training and employment opportunities for youth
  • Support the development of affordable housing options (landlords)
  • Train all staff in LGBT2SQ+ and Indigenous cultural competency
  • Sponsor Here & Now’s Youth Research Team (Contact Here & Now’s Youth Engagement Coordinator Cheryl Sobie for more information)

Pledges to Date

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