Street Census

The first Winnipeg Street Census was conducted in Winnipeg on October 25/26th.

Almost 300 volunteers met with a huge variety of people living in emergency shelters, temporarily with friends and relatives, under bridges and at other temporary spaces. The research project is a ‘moment in time’ study intended to gather information about the extent and nature of homelessness in Winnipeg. Despite its methodological limitations, it provides us with important demographic information to improve decision-making and inform strategies.

Here & Now is proud to be a partner in the 2018 Street Census! With an updated survey and survey locations, the 2018 Street Census will gather important information about how many people are currently experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg, where they stay, how long/how many times they have been homeless. Other important information such as age, gender, Indigenous identity, and newcomer status will also be captured.


  • Early February: Volunteer recruitment begins
  • April 9-16: Volunteer orientations
  • April 18: Street Census
  • June 12: Initial findings are released, Volunteer appreciation @ Thunderbird House
  • June-September: Presentations on findings to participants
  • Early September: Final Report is released

More information is available on their website:

To become one of the 300 volunteers needed to make this a success, visit