The following strategies and objectives are grounded on the principles and values of the plan:

  • Access


    Youth have immediate access to the supports needed to prevent, alleviate and respond to homelessness.

    • Establish a coordinated access strategy
    • Improve collaboration among stakeholders by promoting communication
    • Remove barriers to access across youth serving agencies, government agencies, and safe spaces
    • Establish a centralized publish information resource
  • Prevention


    Youth and their families struggling with risk factors of homelessness are identified and supported.

    • Foster resilience among families and communities
    • Prevent newcomer youth homelessness
    • Adopt and implement school-based prevention strategies
    • Ensure youth in government care do not exit into homelessness
    • Support Indigenous youth migrating to Winnipeg
    • Decolonize systems and approaches to service provision
  • Housing

    Youth have access to a full range of housing, and housing with support options, based on need and choice.

    • Re-envision the emergency response for youth
    • Increase the supply and diversity of transitional housing options
    • Develop a full continuum of permanent housing and supports for youth
  • Support to Thrive

    All youth with experience of homelessness have the supports they need to maintain housing and thrive.

    • Foster resilience among youth exiting homelessness through holistic and ongoing supports
    • Address systemic barriers to youths’ housing stability
    • Enhance the capacity of informal and community-based supports
    • Embed healing into supports and system for youth