• A large and growing population. 27% of those experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg are between the ages of 18-29. Youth are the fastest growing part of Canada’s homeless population.
  • Indigenous and new to Winnipeg. Winnipeg is unique in Canada for the high proportion of Indigenous youth experiencing homelessness. This is related to resource distribution and colonialism. Young people arrive in Winnipeg from remote communities for opportunity, employment and education. Too often, they become homeless.
  • Must be considered along with critical social issues in Manitoba.Poverty and homelessness are connected. Manitoba has high rates of child poverty, children in the care of Child and Family Services (CFS), and incarcerated youth.
  • At Risk of staying homeless. There is a strong relationship between youth homelessness and long-term homelessness as an adult.

73% have been homeless for 6 months or longer in their lifetime.

  • 294

    Every night

  • 84%


  • 23%


  • 35%

    Grew-up on reserve