What Is the 1 Thing You’ll Do?


Everyday there are at least 300 youth in Winnipeg without a place to call home. Homelessness has devastating effects on society, communities, and most importantly, youth themselves. Everyone has a role to play in ending youth homelessness. Commit to doing one thing in 2018 and help end youth homelessness in Winnipeg. We need your help!

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Winnipeg Demographics

  • 294

    Every night

  • 84%


  • 23%


  • 35%

    Grew-up on reserve

Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Winnipeg

73% have been homeless for 6 months or longer in their lifetime.

Youth Voices

A lot of programs attack problems, but you guys need to attack the roots of the problems. Not an overnight thing, the review process takes time. EIA, Justice, CFS, Addictions etc., they all play a role in homelessness. Every problem in the city interconnects with one another.

- Youth Focus Group Participant

Youth Voices

We need to sit down and learn from each other. I would prefer programs that sit with you, help you find a place so you learn independence.

- Voice, 16

Youth Voices

I wasn’t taught about my culture, that would have been a huge help.

- Youth

Youth Voices

There should be more support after things go ok.

- Youth, 16

Youth Voices

Lots of programs will refer you to other programs and you’re always sent somewhere else. Or when you’re in the programs they put you through hoops and make it impossible for you to accomplish what they want you to do.

- Youth, 16

The Plan

The Winnipeg Plan to End Youth Homelessness will be a guide on what is needed in Winnipeg, based on community consensus and the voices of youth. It will be used by community organizations who serve youth, policy-makers, funders, and decision-makers, to support and work with each other in addressing the complex social and economic challenge of youth homelessness.


A city where all youth have a safe place to live and thrive


To prevent and end youth homelessness by implementing a community sanctioned strategy that ensures youth and their families have what they need to thrive

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The principles and values that form the foundation of this plan are connected to, and should be understood in the context of, the Seven Sacred Teachings. 

None of the goals or objectives should be considered in absence of the teachings and values; they are the laces that interweave to hold the skin on the drum frame. If one lace is loose or missing, the sound loses its resonance.

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  • Access


  • Prevention


  • Housing

  • Support to Thrive


  • System Pathways

    During a 16 month period from 2013-2014, a research project titled System Pathways into Youth Homelessness was conducted

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  • Turn Up Your Voice

    This report describes and summarizes the information collected during five focus groups with youth in August-October of 2015.

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  • Street Census

    The first Winnipeg Street Census was conducted in Winnipeg on October 25/26th.

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